The Rules:

  1. You have to complete all the segments by midnight (HK time) on Saturday 30th November 2019.  Segment links are here. Look at these carefully to see the start and finish points.  In order to be in contention for a category prize you must complete all segments in that category; overall KOM/QOM contenders must complete every segment.
  2. Only the fastest times as recorded on Strava on the predefined segments below between 1 January 2019 and 30 November 2019 will count.  
  3. You are not permitted any motorized assistance at all to ride the segments.
  4. You are allowed to draft and ride in packs  to achieve the fastest times
  5. Strava times are final. We know Strava is not perfect and GPS signals sometimes go AWOL, but Strava is usually accurate 99% of the time. If you are unhappy with the way Strava has recorded your time, do the ride again!
  6. You must upload your ride within 2 weeks of doing the segment. Holding back your times to lull your competitors into a false sense of security is not permitted (yes this has happened before!). Our race commissaries will be watching upload times very closely!
  7. Anyone on Strava can enter the competition. It is open to all and not just Dragons members, but you must also join the Dragons page on Strava here: for your time to count and only members of the Dragons will win the much coveted Polka Dot KOM and QOM jersey and have their name inscribed on the Dragons KOM and QOM shields. To become a Dragons member click here: - it is cheap to join the Dragons and well worth the investment!
  8. Only complete rides uploaded directly from recording devices (such as Garmin or iphone etc) should be used - uploaded GPX files, cropped rides, or rides that do not have a logical start and end point will be heavily scrutinized by the Dragons Strava Police (you have been warned!).
  9. Our official timekeeper and Chief of Dragons Strava Police is Pat Gorta, who will maintain the official leaderboard times and oversee adherence to the rules and spirit of the competition.