Update List Data

You can click below to call new data from Strava. Number of clicks per hour is limited.

About this App

This app was put together by Rupert Griffiths of Roojai Website Solutions.

Every time the "Get Latest Data" button is clicked the app makes a call to Strava's API and queries each of the 16 segments. The query returns the times from this calendar year only for those cyclists that are in the Dragons Strava club.

The data replaces the previously stored best time for each climb for each rider, and also sums up the times for the 3 categories and the overall time. Clicking the reorder buttons make AJAX calls to the server to relist those in the clicked segment.

Rupert was more than happy to help the Dragons move away from time-consuming spreadsheet calculations and manual updating. He may improve the interface in available spare time, including splitting out the QOM list from the KOM list.

Any questions about the app, please find Rupert here.